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West Elementary 5th Grade Band


If you have not purchased or rented an instrument you can do that through Glenn’s Music in Manhattan (785) 539-1926, Manning Music in Topeka (785) 272-1740, or Senseney Music in Wichita (800) 362-1060. 
Here are some other things to think about:

  1. Which instrument is your student interested in playing, and was it recommended for them?

  2. Do you currently own or rent that instrument?

If you already own an instrument, it is very important that it is in good working order.  If it has not been checked out, we ask you to send that instrument in with your son/daughter for us to evaluate.


Very few instruments are available through the school.  If you are interested in renting an instrument through the school, e-mail with your name, your child’s name, the instrument they are wanting to play, and whether or not they are planning to do summer band lessons.  I will get in touch with you before school is out to let you know if that instrument is available for use.   If there are more people interested in an instrument than we have instruments available, there will be an application process.


*The instrument will be given to you in working condition.  Any repairs that need done through the year will be your responsibility.

*Some instruments are for sale through people in town, but you will have to contact the owners to decide on price.

**No matter where you get your instrument, make sure it is in good working order.

Beginning Band Summer Lessons:

Beginning band lessons start Wed., May 30th at the HIGH SCHOOL and run to July 3rd

The schedule of lessons can be found here.

  1. There is a charge for summer lessons of a flat rate of $25 for the whole summer—checks made out to USD 320.

  2. Beginning band group lessons are three days a week for half an hour each.

  3. *It’s not required to take summer lessons in order to be in band in the fall, but we strongly encourage your child to attend only for the fact that the smaller, like-instrument group setting allows them to get a better start on the basics of playing their instrument.  A solid foundation in the basics means greater success later on.


We’ll use a different book that we provide over the summer than we will next fall.  (You may buy next fall’s book anytime, but the school will provide one for the summer.  We do this so that when school starts, everyone will start on page one of the same book, no matter if they took summer lessons or not.)

When school starts:
Band meets every day through the school year for half an hour
Daily practice will be needed—more information about this will be sent home in the fall.

Once the instruments go home before the first day of band, DO NOT put them together until we meet and can explain proper instrument assembly!

For the future of the band:​

  1. Please don’t purchase an instrument for your child that we didn’t recommend or you didn’t check with us about first.

  2. If you have an instrument, let us check it out.

  3. Avoid instruments made in China—they tend to break easily and no local instrument store will repair them.  If you are unsure of a brand, please contact us.

  4. Playing in band WILL NEVER conflict with any sport

The Bottom Line:

Here’s what your child will need when they start band:

  1. A horn that works/ or drum kit with sticks and mallets

  2. A stand

  3. A book (Ess. Elements 2000, Bk. 1- though we use a different one in the summer)

  4. Various accessories (reeds, valve oil, cork grease, etc.)

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