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The purpose of this website to inform parents, students, and the general community about the band program here at Wamego USD 320.  This site includes information about upcoming performances, course requirements and expectations, and highlights the many opportunities that exist for students involved in instrumental music here in Wamego, Kansas.


NEW!  This website has recently been revised to include many more resources for parents of students in instrumental music as well as for the students themselves.  Please explore this site!  Our goal is to provide the most complete music education possible for band students here in Wamego—the resources on this site supplement and reinforce what we do in the rehearsal hall.

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Band Handbooks

The fastest way to find out what you are wanting to know about expectations, performance dates, concert attire, instrument rental, or other information about the band program here in Wamego is to check out the band handbook for the grade your child is in.  Click the links below to open the listed handbook:

Middle School Bands Handbook 2024-2025


High School Band Handbook 2024-2025 


8th Grade Band Playing Tests List 2021-2022
Marching Band Camp Info 2022
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Music Boosters

Financial Support

The Wamego Music Boosters provide financial support to all aspects of the USD 320 Music programs (elementary to high school) in the forms of material support for equipment, food purchases on trips, and scholarships toward music camps and senior scholarships.

The Music Boosters provide physical support through fundraising events, chaperoning music trips, and help at concert events.Without the physical support that Boosters provide, many events we do (from the Feast of Carols chili supper to the Middle School Band Festival) would be impossible.

Physical Support

The Music Boosters are our voice in the community when it relates to music matters in the schools. Spreading the word of the benefits of music education is a major function of a Booster organization--specifically voicing your support for the music program and offerings here in Wamego is crucial.


Beginning Band

If you are wondering how to get your child started in band, you’re on the right page.  We start band in the 5th Grade here in Wamego.  We also offer beginning band group or individual summer lessons the summer before 5th grade. Check out the information and the related links if you want to know more about starting your child in beginning band.

How Do I Know What Instrument My Child Should Play?

In late April, we try out every 4th grader individually on every instrument that is used in 5th grade band.  We then make a recommendation to you, the parent, as to what your child should play based on their aptitude.  To ensure that your child has a better chance at success from the start, we want them to start on an instrument that they can get a good sound on right away. Click on the link below for more information.

What Will I Need When School Starts?

If you are getting your instrument at the start of the school year or have just moved to town and want to know what your child needs to start the year off right in 5th grade band, click the link below.

How Do I Get an Instrument...?

In mid-May, we host an instrument display night at West Elementary.  At this meeting, we explain the beginning band program here in Wamego, go over the details of the summer lesson program, and you will also hear from a representative  of Glenn’s Music in Manhattan about their instrument rental program and you have the option to rent an instrument that night.  For more information about getting an instrument, click the link below.

My Child Has an Instrument...Now What?

Congratulations!  You have just taken the first step into the band program here in Wamego. If you are purchasing your instrument in mid-May and are planning to have your child participate in summer lessons, check out the next section.  Click the link below to find out what you can do to help your child be successful in a school instrumental music program.

Summer Lessons!

Wamego USD 320 offers summer beginning band lessons as well as group lessons for those students going from 5th grade to 6th grade as well as private lessons in the afternoons for students wanting more of a challenge.  The cost of these lessons is minimal.  To take advantage of this opportunity and find out how to sign up for summer lessons, click the link below.


Click the links below to open a pdf copy of the listed concert program:

Middle School Fall Concert— October 18, 2016

HS Popcorn Concert— October 27, 2016

Feast of Carols— December 5, 2016

Band Spring Spectacular Concert— March 6, 2017

Fine Arts Night— April 6, 2017

HS Spring Concert— May 4, 2017

5th-8th Grade Spring Band Concert— May 11, 2017

7th-8th Grade Band & Choir Concert-- October 10th, 2017

HS Popcorn Concert-- October 24, 2017

5th & 6th Grade Fall Harvest Concert-- November 20, 2017

Feast of Carols-- December 4th, 2017

Band Spectacular-- February 27th, 2018

HS Spring Concert-- May 3rd, 2018

6th-8th Grade Band Concert-- May 10, 2018

HS Popcorn Concert 2018-- October 23rd, 2018

MS 6th-8th Grade Fall Concert 2018-- October 25th, 2018

Feast of Carols-- December 3, 2018

Band Spring Spectacular-- February 28, 2019

Fine Arts Night/ HS Band & Choir Spring Concert 2019

MS Bands Spring Concert-- May 9, 2019

HS Popcorn Concert 2019-- October 22nd, 2019

MS 6th-8th Grade Fall Concert 2019-- October 24th, 2019

Feast of Carols-- December 7th, 2019

Band Spring Spectacular-- March 19th, 2020

HS Popcorn Concert 2020-- October 27, 2020

HS Popcorn Concert 2020- revised with percussion soloists listed

Fine Arts Night 2021


HS Spring Concert 2021

MS 6th-8th Grade Bands Spring Concert--May 18th, 2021

MS 6th-8th Grade Fall Concert 2021- October 26th, 2021

HS Popcorn Concert 2021- October 28th, 2021

Feast of Carols 2021- December 6th, 2021

North Central Kansas League Band- February 2nd, 2022

Band Spring Spectacular-- March 22, 2022

Fine Arts Night 2022

HS Spring Concert 2022

MS Spring Concert 2022

HS Popcorn Concert 2022-- October 27, 2022

6th-8th Grade Band and Choir Fall Concert 2022-- October 25th, 2022

Feast of Carols 2022- December 5th, 2022

Band Spectacular 2023- March 21st, 2023

Fine Arts Night 2023

HS Spring Concert 2023

MS Spring Concert 2023

MS 6th-8th Grade Fall Concert 2023 - October 24th, 2023

HS Popcorn Concert 2023 - October 26th, 2023

Feast of Carols 2023 - December 4th, 2023

Band Spectacular 2024- March 21st, 2024

HS Spring Concert 2024

MS Spring Concert 2024

High school trumpets at Spring Spectacular—February 24th, 2014. (Photo courtesy of The Smoke Signal)




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